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A Lifetime of Support

We Offer A Lifetime of Support .............

We believe a big part of our responsibility under the Breeders Code of Ethics is to ensure our puppies are not only of reputable, breed-worthy blood lines for pet, show or sporting families, but equally important to us is to produce happy, well adjusted and medically sound puppies and fur-family members for our new families.

Our ultimate aim is to provide a lifetime of support to our new owners and ensure the best home we can manage for each and every puppy we breed.  We love updates and staying in touch. 

We will be there to support our families in the event of a need to rehome any of our babies.  We will help to find new homes, offer support through that process and provide a home in any emergency.

We are just one call away.

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Mrs V Lansbury
Ipswich, QLD, Australia
Email : [email protected]